WritingLab Reports

Below, there are several examples of the reports generated by the Internet WritingLab. Each report contains two parts, the first of which is the Scores & Statistics Section. The second parts contains your original composition with special linguistic Flags added. Linguistic Flags are special markers inserted into your composition that warn you of trouble or give information about a particular sentence.

Sample 1: Review of Clear and Present Danger

Sample 2: Multiplication and Division

Sample 3: Internet Communication

Sample 4: Holographic Watermarks

Sample 5: The All American Boy

Demo Accounts

Test-Drive the Internet Writinglab accounts, by logging into one of the demo accounts. There are 3 types of accounts: instructor, directed pupil, and independent student accounts. The login name or each account is: demo_instructor, demo_pupil, and demo_student. The password for each of the demo accounts is: demo.
Scores & Statistics Section

This section details five linguistic maturity scores, which are Grammar, Syntax, Punctuation, Vocabulary, and a cummulative Holistic score. Also, this section details the Readability and Syntactic Fluency statistcs of the composition.

Linguistic Flags

This section contains nine (9) different Flag Reports, one for each of the eight (8) different categories and also a comprehensive Flags report. The eight Flag categories include Punctuation, Syntax, Usage, Style, Grammar, Spelling, Homonyms, and Capitalization. These are two examples of linguistic flags: [FRAG?] and [AGREE?] . Both of these are Syntax flags, the first of which means that this sentence is probably a sentence fragment, and the second flag means that this sentence is a run-on sentence.

For a lists of the Linguistic flags that the Internet Writinglab uses, see the Flags Description and Examples page.